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A world abounds outside Utah’s scenic and well known National Parks.  The scale of beauty is hard to fathom, with so many landscapes that are unique and still unknown, our goal is to invite you into the backcountry.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Find somewhere new.  Let us share the unknown with you, away from the masses.  Our passion is discovery.  Try us, for a truly adventurous experience in a format never before seen in Southern Utah.  Become a Seeker!

Where the Journey and the Destination Blend Seamlessly Into Adventure.

Inviting all seekers.  Soon Seldom Seen will abound in the backcountry.  Finding him and his crew is the challenge.  Are you up to it?  Adventure challenges for all levels of difficulty.  Click here for more information

Get Seldom Seen!  1-435-689-1884

How It Works

Southern Utah Monsoon Season



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