The Heglands. We had a great adventure through the Huntress last Thursday.  Still a little snow left but temps were nice and the sun was shining.  Thanks a lot guys for choosing Seldom Seen. If you would like to experience the Huntress slot, trips start at $129.00 per person. Call us at 1-888-418-9908 today to reserve […]

Have you heard the news about one of the newest national parks…Pinnacles National Park in California. I have seen some amazing photos of the park                 like this one I found at Pinnacles is near the San Andreas fault, the pinnacles rocks are believed to be part of the  Neenach […]

When you live in Kanab UT, a trip to Zion is only a 30 min drive away.  Especially on the east side of the park, there are many side canyons that are worth exploring.  Jeff and Annette Smith took one that was full of Desert Bighorn Sheep last Saturday.  Here is the video of their […]

There are not many people who venture off trail through the Bryce Canyon area.  Within the National Park off trail hiking and rappelling is not allowed.  Many wish for more when they visit Bryce, hoping to reach out and touch the hoodoos, stand on them, experience them.  Unfortunately, outside the park, there are very few […]

These videos seem to share my feelings with this state.  Utah has so much variety to offer.  Our clients always go home wanting to come back for more.  Utah – Life Elevated   Seldom Seen Adventures offers trips through many amazing wonders.  Located in Southern Utah, nestled between Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, The Grand Staircase […]

Voclaneering?  A new sport for the Seldom Seen Adventurer. Have you ever felt the need to appease the angry gods?  These scientists did just that on the Marum Volcano on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu South Pacific.  (warning, there is some colorful language in the video) Needless to say, Seldom Seen Adventures will not be guiding active volcano-lake […]

Top 5 Day Hikes in Southern Utah that you have never heard of: My name is Nick Smith.  I am an adventure guide and the owner of Seldom Seen Adventures.  I want to share with you my top five favorite Seldom Seen Day Hikes in Southern Utah.  When I choose a hike I make sure [...]

When I hired Nick Smith to create an adventure, I never expected him to push me off of a cliff. Then again, I didn’t know what to expect when I discovered while planning a trip to southwest Utah in April. I knew I wanted to see the extraordinarily beautiful Zion National Park and Mars-like […]