Seldom Seen Adventures took out the Wagner family to the Carmel Drop last week.  What a great family!  We had a blast!  Here is the video showing our day out together.  We hope to see you guys again soon!  Oh and Tiffany, sorry for the end of the video…..I just had to add it in […]

We were lucky enough to make some new friends over Spring Break.  Jen Rhee Moore and her son Jake booked a trip with us for a couple of days.  We had an amazing time.  First day we battled the Huntress Slot near Kanab UT.  The second day we tackled the Carmel Drop near Mt Carmel […]

We took the Lisa and her family out to Bull Horn Canyon through bumpy roads (sorry again for the car sickness…:( but we all made it to the canyon and had a great day!  Thanks again guys!  You were a lot of fun!  

George and his son Marco came out with us to play in Bull Horn Canyon.  It was a great time had by all.  Thanks guys and we hope to see you back this way next spring!

Francis Deroos asked us to take his family and his wifes sisters family out for a day of adventure.  Seldom Seen Adventures answered the call.  This is the video of our day out.  

We had a great day out with Tom, Ann, and their son Chris as we went through the first descent of the season in Bull Horn Canyon near Kanab UT.  It was a great adventure with great friends.  Thanks guys!  

All the way from NYC.  Cynthia and her daughters Dani and Ali joined Seldom Seen Adventures for a trip through the Huntress slot near Kanab UT.  We had a great day with great company.  Thanks Cynthia!  

Summer Aquatic Adventures Some of the funnest most exciting adventures that we do here at Seldom Seen Adventures happen when the sun gets hottest.  We have some canyon systems full of deep pools and natural water slides.  These canyons are overlooked by most travelers as there is some difficulty in getting to them.  Good thing […]

This ice climber only suffers some bruises and a broken ankle in this amazing footage from his helmet cam.   Being adventurous in backcountry settings means you must be willing to put yourself in harms way sometimes.  Knowing risks and understanding how to mitigate them is a prized skill for guides and outfitters. Come next […]

The Mighty 5 Utah’s National Parks There is a difference between living and feeling alive. Are you bored of the same everyday routine? Waking up at the same time everyday, going to the same building to do the same things day in and day out? Are you ready to feel alive!? The video below is […]